Our surveillance & monitoring service offers the industry’s most straight forward digital IP video solution. Not only are we the largest private Genetec® dealer in the USA, we’re the only one certified by the Department of Homeland Security. From camera selection and installation to view verification and evidence recovery, we take care of everything. 

In addition to protecting your assets and investments, our team will collaborate with you to create motion triggered events for operational analysis. These events can provide insight on everything from customer interactions to the overall flow of traffic in your location. Adaptable by design, this solution can be easily scaled to fit the specific needs of any size business.


Our enterprise video surveillance solutions offers the industry’s most straightforward, cost effective approach for migrating from analog to digital IP video technologies. With an intuitive interface, Genetec® and the SV- 16/32 Series NVR platform maximize the efficiency of your video surveillance installation.


Contact Monitoring - Know instantly if:

  1. AED Cabinet is opened

  2. Doors are opened

  3. Data cabinet is accessed

Key Features

  • Mobile App to view from your phone

  • Enterprise solution with federated services gives you 24/7 remote assistance monitoring

  • ADK Monitoring Center supports you around the clock

  • Adirondack combines this system with the Samsung's 360° Camera to reduce camera and blind spots

  • One login for all locations

  • Reduce loss and fraud that may occur at POS terminals

  • Synchronize video and POS data to provide visual verification of each transaction

  • Instantly search for transactions across a single or multiple stores

Department of Homeland SecuritY Compliance

Omnicast has received both a designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology and certification as an Approved Product for Homeland Security from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Both the designation and the certification were granted under the Support Antiterrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (SAFETY Act).

Cameras & Surveillance Hardware

ADK Direct offers multiple surveillance camera options to achieve the best viewing experience and optimum performance when integrated with the Surveillance and Monitoring system. Including a 360° Fisheye option.