Adirondack Direct’s Media Channels feature fully licensed Music Videos that can be placed on multiple displays throughout a location to enhance the customer’s audible and visual experience. Go a step further and give your business its own feel and vibe by pushing audio from these customizable channels onto your locations audio system.


Give your customers more than just background music - give them an experience! Media Channels are personalized to your business and are meant to attract attention, engagement and to create a vibe. Your channel will push information and announcements relevant to your business and customers, while giving them a fantastic music video playlist that is customized to the location, demographic, and customer profile. You can even choose to play audio from your Media Channel through your audio systems for a full ambient experience.


  • Branded Music Screens play music customized to locations and demographics

  • Media Channels also display additional content, such as news and weather

  • Filtered Content is free of inappropriate content and language

  • Fully Licensed Music Videos are ready and legal for commercial use



Media Channel music videos are fully licensed for commercial use and can be setup to legally broadcast on a locations audio system.

Create a vibe for you business by giving it a background sound that customers will hear and recognize as your sound.


Branding and Advertising

Along with playing customizable music videos, branded announcements and advertisements can be displayed on Media Screens to create additional signage placement, in either static or animated (live) content formats.


Zoned advertising and branding content can be added to channels

for additional branding and advertising reach.

This additional content can be controlled and set to run on a specific schedule and appear between music videos. This feature is especially important if the advertising/branded content also pushes audio. When content does not require sound, it can also be set to simply overlay on the screen and keep the music audio from being interrupted.


Simple and Easy Installation:

  • Purchase an ADK Direct Player

  • Approve Music, layout, design, and schedule

  • Connect player to any monitor


Adirondack Direct provides an array of Digital Signage/Media solutions to capture your audience’s attention. Any informative, branding, and advertising content can be shown on dedicated screens, and content can be set to rotate on a any schedule.


Digital signage is often used to present a custom-tailored mix of content, including product promotions, menu boards, timely news, upcoming events, and more. Screens can be mounted on walls, ceilings, shelving systems, aisle endcaps, or integrated into freestanding displays and kiosks.

Digital signs are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from retail advertising, to internal employee communications, and remote training sessions. We design and manage the campaigns and strategies for you, and we can also use content that you supply.


  • Shows fresh Digital Content/Media on displays throughout a location

  • Schedule static and animated advertisements to rotate on any schedule

  • Custom content can be created to highlight specific amenities important to your location and audience

  • Format screens to display content horizontally or vertically

  • Change digital content frequently and inexpensively


Placing Digital Signage in high-traffic areas is an easy way help to increase visibility of content and promotions.

Engage Your Audience

Digital Signage can deliver customized digital content to multiple screens. Our managed solution can display targeted content to a specific audience, at a specific place and time. Compared to traditional signs, digital signage messages can be easily customized, changed out quickly and inexpensively delivered to many displays at once. This helps get your message noticed by your audience to increase their attention and engagement .

  • Highlight company products and basic information

  • Show weather, news feeds, product videos and other engaging information to increase customer attention and awareness

  • Easily rotate advertisements to keep signage from becoming stale

  • Show special offers and deals on highly visible screens, that might otherwise be misses


a Simple and Easy Process:


Our digital signage management team will work with you to implement your signage and ensure everything functions just as you expect. Our design team can even help you create signage to fit your needs.

Basic Steps:

  • Purchase an ADK Direct Player

  • Approve layout, design, and schedule

  • Connect player to any monitor