Adirondack Direct Digital Signage delivers customized media playlists to one or more digital screens. Our managed solution can display targeted content to a specific audience, at a specific place and time. Relative to traditional signs, digital signage messages can be easily customized, changed out quickly and inexpensively delivered to many displays at once.

Digital signage is often used to present a custom-tailored content mix, including product promotions, timely news, and upcoming events. Screens can be mounted on walls, ceilings, shelving systems, aisle endcaps, or integrated into freestanding displays and kiosks. Digital signs are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from targeted retail advertising to internal employee communications and remote training. We design and manage your campaigns for you. There is a small monthly cost per location, regardless of the number of displays at each location. 

It's simple and easy:

  • Purchase the ADK Player per display (one-time cost)
  • Approve designs
  • Connect player to any monitor 



    Multipule Uses:

    • Highlight company products and basic information
    • Show weather, news feeds, videos and other engaging information to gain custom attention
    • Easily rotate advertisements to keep signage from becoming stale
    • Show special offers and customer deals right on the screen