Pre-wired DATA RACKS

Cable routing through the top of the rack.

Cable routing through the top of the rack.

Clean and simple organization.

Clean and simple organization.


Pre-wired Data Racks

Adirondack provided Data Racks designed to cleanly and efficiently organize network, audio/visual system, surveillance, and front/backend office equipment in a single unit. Racks come delivered with cables, and the equipment needed for your business, pre-mounted and ready for installation. The pre-wired termination blocks allow for your chosen integrator to easily and quickly terminate field cables which, will cut hours from their time on the job site saving you money.

Data Racks come complete with a Triplite UPS System for equipment protection, providing coverage up to $250,000. Adirondack also offers an equipment monitoring option.

Key Features

  • Ships fully assembled to save time
  • Locking removable side panels for easy integration
  • Glass front door, locking rear access panel standard
  • Assembled with 5 shelves and 5 blank panels for expandability
  • Top mounted DC fans
  • Tripp Lite UPS System, providing up to $250,000 of equipment protection
  • Wall Mounted Cat-5 Patch Panel for field wire termination
  • Equipment monitoring notifications if any failures occur 



Our agents will monitor your equipment 24/7 with optional data rack monitoring. This provides you with remote support for resetting and monitoring your rack equipment. Get notifications immediately if a failure occurs, or if equipment is experiencing an issue.

With this service we can also dispatch maintenance personnel, or the vendor, for necessary repairs and/or replacement.